Elegant WEDDING LOGO Gallery!

What is the cost for a My Wedding Logos Design?
The base cost for one of our logos is $39.99. You will get the final copy of your wedding logo in three different file formats: .EPS, .JPEG, and .PDF. The price will cover the entire design process.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept PayPal and credit cards.

Why do I need a Wedding Logo?
My Wedding Logos Designs are the perfect way to make your wedding feel special and unique. Your personalized logo can be put on almost anything in your wedding. It will be a constant reminder of your special day. It's an affordable way to make your wedding look professional and elegant.

I've decided I want to place an order, what next?
Go to our order form and fill out the necessary fields. If you chose one of our pre-made designs, specify which one. If you are looking for a custom experience, explain what you are looking for in the Special Instructions field. Try and be as detailed as possible. Your order form will go directly to one of our designers who will contact you with further questions that may need answered.

What is the Special Instructions field for?
It is for whatever you think we need to know. Extras, colors, fonts, names, ideas, it's for anything you might want to look into. Just use it as your own personal opinion box.

What can I use my Wedding Logo for?
The possibilities are endless when it comes to your Wedding Logo! You can obviously use it on all of your wedding stationery but also on things like dinnerware, wine glasses, dance floor decals, wine labels, balloons, wedding cakes, napkins and even chocolates! Since we provide the three different file types you really have the freedom to do most anything with your wedding logo! Look at our Ideas page for more ways to use your logo.

How many fonts are available?
You can choose from hundreds of font options. We would love to provide you with many different font choices before your final decision.

How many proofs do I get?
The design process includes up to three proofs after you choose your initial design.

Can I pick different colors?
Any color you can think of is a color we can do! We would be glad to help you pick the right color for your big day!

Is there anything else I can decide?
Your wedding logo is completely customizable. We are here to make sure you get exactly what you want for your wedding! So if you have any ideas, big or small, please share them with us and we will try to make it happen!

What formats do I get when I order a My Wedding Logo?
Once you have made your final decision on your logo, we will email you three file types: .EPS, .JPEG, and .PDF. If in the future you come across someone who needs a different file type we will work with you to provide that.

What’s the difference between an EPS, JPEG and PDF?
JPEGS are a file type commonly used for web based projects, they are not resized as easily as the other two file types. EPS and PDF files are professional print quality files that can easily be rescaled without losing quality. With these three files together you should be able to provide a logo file for almost any need you might have.

So my wedding logo can be used on commercially printed invitations and other items?
Of course, professional printing companies will just ask for your file and since we are providing you with three different types you will have what they need!

Does the order of our names matter on the logo?
Some say it's traditional for the bride's name to go first but we say do what you want!

Can I return my logo for a refund?
No, sorry to say that once we email you your final logo design in the three file formats we cannot issue a refund.

How long will it take for me to receive my Wedding Logo?
You will be contacted by us within 2 days. After that it is completely up to you how long the process takes! If you are happy with the logo we send you, then we will email you the files and we're done. If you want to make changes or talk with a designer then the logo can take longer. All that matters for us is that you are happy with your final product!